January 2010

What am I missing with the running/music thing?

Made it out for a run today, despite the subzero temperatures here in NYC.  Decided I’d throw together a “running mix” and take my iPhone along for some musical accompaniment, just to see how it went. As you know if you read my post last week, I’m a “leave the music at home” kinda girl […]

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Meditation for those who can’t (or won’t) sit still

Among my 2010 goals are the following: Run a half marathon. Re-establish meditation practice. I wrote those goals on January 3.  I looked back at them a few days ago – as I was completing week 1 of training for the NYC Half Marathon – and thought “Hmmm…got the running thing down.  Haven’t meditated even […]

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Are manners (or lack of them) sabotaging your personal brand?

Manners sometimes get a bad rap. Do I really have to act a certain way for people to respect me? Why should I follow a set of stuffy rules when I’m all about pushing the boundaries of my industry? I recently attended an event hosted by the Young Women’s Leadership school in East Harlem, NY.  […]

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