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Jessica Williams: Self-Care for Superwomen


“I think the world will be saved by putting all women in power, no matter where you’re from.”

Jessica Williams is on a mission to put more women in positions of power – and she understands that it’s an inside job.

Jessica and I talk about her vision for a world in which feminine and masculine power are in balance; her personal struggles with health and weight; and why she believes that self-care is a critical part of the leadership conversation.

Jessica Williams is a speaker, coach, facilitator, change agent, author, and founder/CEO of The Superwoman Project – an organization dedicated to the empowerment of women on a global scale, working with individuals, nonprofits and corporations to advance the professional development of strong, wise women leaders. She’s been a featured speaker at TEDx, Nike, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The University of Oregon. And she recently hosted and produced the first annual Superwoman Summit in Portland, OR.



  • What it really means to “step into your power” as a woman
  • How women hold themselves back from positions of leadership and power
  • The simple question that helped Jessica tune into her body and figure out what she needed to feel better
  • How connecting with her mission allowed Jessica to move past her fears – and do the work she felt called to do
  • A surefire way to feel comfortable in your body now, no matter your weight
  • Why Jessica believes that cultivating wisdom makes for the most effective leaders

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