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Nicole Miyuki: Choosing Possibility Over Fear


Nicole Miyuki is a freelance artist, graphic designer, teacher, and the author of two hand lettering books – By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering and The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering.

In 2015, Nicole began teaching in-person workshops to students who were curious about the hand lettering craze. And in 2018, she wrote and published her two books – a journey that was quite unexpected. We had such a great conversation about mindfulness, creating space, human connection – and how creative pursuits like hand lettering can help you do all three.



  • Nicole’s journey from graphic designer to freelance artist and author – and how saying yes to things that scared her lead her there
  • How Nicole’s unexpected experience of writing two books in a year helped her get more in touch with herself and her self-care needs
  • How to know when to plan and when to leave space for the unexpected, in life and in work
  • The simple (but not easy) perspective shift that allows you to be open to possibility instead of making decisions from fear
  • The self-care habits that helped Nicole navigate an especially stressful year – a year that asked her to go way out of her comfort zone
  • How Nicole learned how to say ‘no’ in order to create space for herself
  • Nicole’s approach to journaling and how it helps her process her emotions in the moment
  • Ditching perfectionism by choosing to be a beginner (and how hand lettering or other creative pursuits might help you do that)
  • The life lessons that presented themselves as part of Nicole’s book writing process (many of which she shares in the pages of By Hand)
  • How creative pursuits like hand lettering can be a mindfulness practice (especially for people who don’t like meditation)
  • Nicole shares how she ‘forgot to relax’ while she was writing and promoting her books – and how she’s reclaiming time for play, joy, and peace
  • How to say yes to your unique gifts – and getting over the fear of sharing them with the world
  • The tools that Nicole using to get better sleep – something we could all use!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Nicole’s special gift for Women on the Rise listeners 

Nicole’s hand lettering book for adults, By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering (Amazon affiliate link)

Nicole’s hand letter book for kids, The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering: 20 Lessons and Projects to Decorate Your World  (Amazon affiliate link)

Connect with Nicole: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

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