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Balancing Head & Heart with Kathy Jakielski


“Part of the problem is that listening to yourself takes time. It’s a pain sometimes to have to take the time, so it really is a conscious choice.”

Ex rocket scientist turned massage therapist Kathy Jakielski is back to talk balancing discernment with intuition when deciding what’s best for mind and body.

Check out my first Women on the Rise interview with Kathy here.




  • How our culture over values analytical mind vs. intuition – and how it sometimes gets in the way of our living our best lives
  • The value of exploring “alternative” ways of living a happier and more intentional life
  • How to reconcile your desire for scientific proof with your interest in alternative therapies – like acupuncture, reiki, and craniosacral therapy
  • The simple request a psychotherapist once made of Kathy, and how it changed her view of mind/body health
  • Why the idea of exploring the mind-body connection still makes many people uncomfortable
  • Where mental health fits into the conversation about the mind-body connection
  • How to find the right tool to help you access your intuition/deeper self
  • Getting comfortable with exploring ways of living that speak to you, even when you’re afraid of being judged by others
  • What we can learn from ancient and indigenous traditions about listening to ourselves (and others)
  • What changes for Kathy when she slows down and practices self-care

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