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Self-Awareness, Productivity, & Finding What Works with Stephanie Scapa


“I feel like there’s often pressure with other women you’re seeing you know I’m working insane hours every week and you feel like you have to do the same to be successful and I don’t think that’s true.”

Lara talks to Stephanie Scapa, Co-Founder & CEO of WEYV, a platform that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and (soon) listen to podcasts – all in a single app experience.

Stephanie shares how cultivating self-awareness transformed her personal and professional life; the ah-ha moment that caused her to finally prioritize self-care; and what happened when she stopped trying to “get everything done.”

Plus, learn one of Lara’s favorite tools for beginning to cultivate your self awareness.



  • The ah-ha moment that caused Stephanie to finally prioritize self-care
  • What happened when Stephanie stopped trying to “get everything done”
  • How Stephanie learned to tune into her body – and the specific tools she used to do it (hint: she doesn’t meditate!)
  • The surprising productivity tip that Stephanie learned from her dad
  • How creating “white space” in your day can help you get more done
  • What Stephanie has learned about what time of day is her “biological primetime,” and why you should know yours
  • How Stephanie redefined “work-life balance” to work for her instead of against her
  • What Stephanie reads before bed to help her brain turn off
  • Why Stephanie thinks it’s so important for women to support and mentor other women

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink (Amazon affiliate link)

A gift from Stephanie: The first 500 people who enter promo code RISE when they sign-up at WEYV.com will get 2 months of WEYV free (no strings attached).

Connect with Stephanie: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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