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Turning Inward to Find Clarity & Calm with Amy Lorimer


“I’d lived my whole life taking care of the outside, and not myself. I thought that was where the magic was. [It turns out] that the magic is with me and it’s the million little [choices I make] every day.”

Amy Lorimer – counselor, teacher, and mother – shares her journey inside my Vibrant Health Playbook program, and how she finally realized that turning inward and taking care of herself first allows her to tackle challenges in her life in a calmer and more effective way.



  • What prompted Amy to “push pause” and look inward when she wasn’t sure of her next step in work and life
  • The surprising realization that Amy had when she dug deeper than “I want to lose weight” when creating her goals
  • How Amy learned to create a sense of calm, even if everything around her is chaotic
  • The small daily choices that Amy discovered were part of her Vibrant Health Playbook, and how she made them happen, even when it wasn’t easy
  • The mindset shift and daily habits that made the big decisions and challenges in Amy’s life seem smaller and more manageable
  • What was hard for Amy about the Vibrant Health Playbook process
  • Drawing boundaries and prioritizing yourself can be be challenging for people in your life. Amy shares what happened in her relationships when she decided to put her self care first.
  • What Amy found helpful about working with a coach versus working towards her goals on her own
  • The top two self care non-negotiables in Amy’s Vibrant Health Playbook – and how she makes them easy to choose

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Lara’s 10-week Vibrant Health Playbook coaching program for women

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