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Being Brave About Money with Carrie VanWinkle


“When we’re around the table with girlfriends, any topic is on the table – including sex – more than money. [Money] still feels like a brave thing to open up about.” –Carrie VanWinkle

Socially responsive investment advisor Carrie VanWinkle shares how getting real and brave about your money is an often overlooked part of being well.

Carrie B. VanWinkle is a socially responsive investment advisor & Certified Financial Planner™ Professional.

She works with women and couples who want their money lives to reflect an approach that is both smart AND soulful – so that they are able to thrive in their money life while also creating bigger ripple effects of positive impact in the world.



  • Why talking about finances is still a “cultural taboo” and how to change the conversation
  • Where to find real and brave conversations about money
  • The psychological cost of not being in tune with your financial health, and how it creates unnecessary stress (regardless of your financial situation)
  • How to engage with your money so that you can use that knowledge to make both long and short terms decisions in your life
  • The shame and self judgment that often comes up for women around money
  • A few simple steps you can take to engage with your money in a healthier way
  • How to uncover your personal “money story” – and how it helps you shift your energy around money
  • Why it’s important to spend and invest  your money in alignment with your core values – and the one thing you’re already doing that might give you some clues about how to do it
  • Carrie’s personal self care journey, and how she’s learning to draw healthier boundaries (after years of putting her needs last)
  • The simple awareness practice that’s helping Carrie speak up more often
  • What Carrie’s learning about making time for fun in her life – and how it’s helping her find her voice (literally!)

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