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Being True to You in Work & Life with Alexis Mera


“It’s important to talk about how entrepreneurs take care of themselves, how hard it is, and to not feel pressure to do it in a certain way. [They should] do it their own way.”

Alexis Mera Damen is the founder of Alexis Mera, a clothing brand and platform that celebrates women through stories, photography, and empowering graphic t-shirts that get designed in collaboration with trailblazing ladies.

In her free time, you can find her sweating through a challenging workout, traveling with her husband, or reading one of the three books she’s trying to finish all at once.

As a busy entrepreneur and crusader for women’s empowerment, Alexis has A LOT going on. But one thing shines through: Her belief that being true to who you are is the secret to success – in business and in life.



  • What caused Alexis to prioritize fitness again in her mid-20s after a period of focusing on other things
  • How things shift for Alexis – both internally and externally – when she prioritizes self-care
  • Why being happy with who she is is important to Alexis at this point in her career and life – and what she does to make sure she feels that way
  • Alexis’s thoughts on the connection between passion, entrepreneurship, and feeling like your most authentic you
  • What Alexis wishes she’d known about running a business BEFORE she started one – and her number one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • How Alexis balances taking care of her needs with taking care of business
  • The important mindset that helps Alexis focus on the right things in her business at the right time
  • The doubts that sometimes get in the way of Alexis moving forward in her business – and how she pushes through them
  • How wellness and self-care is portrayed on Instagram and other social media, and why it’s important not to compare your journey to someone else’s
  • The honest conversation that all entrepreneurs should be having about self care

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

What Works podcast

My interview with Dr. Sasha Heinz, expert in positive psychology

Connect with Alexis: Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

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