Since you’re here I suspect you want to know a little more about me and WHY I’m so passionate about helping you get hot and healthy. I don’t have a “dramatic” food story, really. I grew up in a normal, fairly healthy household. My parents fed me as nutritiously as they could, given what was known about nutrition at the time. And I never had any issues or disorders around food or health.


Left to my own devices for the first time in my life, I quickly adopted a diet of mostly Pop Tarts, Lipton noodles (you know, the ones with 10 million unpronounceable ingredients), regular trays of unidentified cafeteria fare, and, well, beer (natch).

I was lucky I didn’t end up with any major health issues, but I DID struggle with severe acne, falling grades, and multiple depressive episodes. At the time it seemed like these were just unfortunate side effects of 'growing up' – but I later found out just how much of my health and well being was affected by what I was putting on my plate – and in my mouth. (Which is funny because I was pre-med in college. But one of the great travesties of medical education is that it doesn’t teach nutrition.)

After college,
I moved to Seattle.

As an East Coast girl, I became fascinated by all things West Coast. Especially the idea of “holistic” living. Herbs, organic food, energy balancing, Reiki, acupuncture. So exotic! I was curious about it all… but I was still too busy clubbing, drinking, smoking, and staying up until 4 AM on weekends with my friends to fully investigate.

(In all honesty, I’m basically a goody-two-shoes – but, hey, I was in my 20s!) ;) 

The seed had been planted, though – so to speak. I became a vegetarian during that time – my first 'food experiment.' (I eat everything now, but still mostly plants.)

Then came
New York.

About four years after college, I moved to New York City to take my dream job in marketing at Comedy Central. As I settled into a new city, I was in full on exploration mode. Everything was new and totally fascinating. The food. The people. The culture. The energy. The ideas.

I dove in head first, and I loved it. My mind couldn’t take in new info and experiences fast enough. In 2001, Whole Foods Market opened its first store in NYC, just a few blocks from me. And the nearby Union Square Farmers Market was the place to be on weekends. So I went… and bought lots of fruit and veggies.

At the same time, my boyfriend introduced me to a magazine called Utne Reader – an alternative publication that introduced me to diverse perspectives I’d never considered on a wide array of issues. Somewhere in Utne's pages, I was first exposed to the idea of sustainable business, sustainable agriculture, local food sourcing, and farm-to-table.

I attended a talk at the Museum of Natural History by Dan Barber – chef/owner of NYC’s celebrated Blue Hill Restaurant and a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement – and visited his farm in Westchester County to learn about how good food is grown. Once again, I was fascinated by this new way of living.

BUT this time, I took action.

Over time, I began not only to replace the food in my pantry with whole, organic choices – but also to replace all of my cleaning products with non-toxic home cleansers. It was a giant experiment in clean living, born out of curiosity. Nothing more. But when I started making these changes in my pantry, on my plate, and in my habits, I noticed a BIG difference in the quality of my life. While I hadn’t set out to change anything dramatic in my life, dramatic changes occurred.

I began to feel more vibrant. More alive. More in tune with my body and the world around me.

And then I started to notice that my life was changing.

My career took off. I got into Pilates and back into running. My social life improved, my skin began to clear up, and, while I still have normal human emotions, my depressive episodes became a thing of the past. Food and cooking became a delight, an outlet for creativity and experimentation, a way to connect with other people.

In 2011 alone, I completed two half marathons (the first time I’d run more than about 3 miles). I trained to be a Pilates instructor. I took a two-month solo trip to Southeast Asia, where I learned to shop for and prepare local food; and how to practice yoga in an open air studio in Bali.

And all of this because of my newfound lifestyle.

when you feed your body well, LIFE POPS.


* Feeling tired
* Hiding from your own life
* Not asking for the promotion
* Not going to the party
* Not buying the dress
* Staring at the grocery store shelves in confusion, wondering which sweetener won't kill you and which 'carbs' are healthy
* Feeling just a little 'off' in your body

Like 'The Wizard of Oz,' pre-Oz and post-Oz. Black and white vs. technicolor. 

Who knew?

So if you're tired of...


You, lovely lady, deserve to have a vibrant life. The world needs you to come alive. I'll show you how. And I'll make it FUN and EASY for you. I can't wait to talk to you!



She understands that finding the right wellness balance is a journey that takes courage and flexibility.

Laura / Microsoft / Seattle, WA

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