A straightforward, REAL approach to eating that doesn’t ignore the fact that you've got a to-do list 100 items long, a social life to maintain, and/or a family schedule to manage

Practical tools for being healthy and happy – things that fit into your already busy schedule – so you can raise amazing kids, rock your charity fundraiser, or run a company that makes the world a better place (or all of the above)

Clarity and confidence about your food choices, so you never again waste 20 minutes staring in confusion at the organic, gluten-free, free range, and hormone-free options at the grocery store (and end up throwing a frozen skillet meal in your cart while promising yourself you’ll “start fresh” tomorrow)

A balanced – and sane – approach to taking care of your body and managing your weight… no more restrictive eating plans or extreme workout routines

Ways to set aside time for YOU (for exercise, taking photos with your new camera, getting a mani/pedi) so you can take care of your loved ones’ needs without feeling cranky (and like you’re always last on the priority list)
And it would be uniquely yours – customized to you, your body, and your life. Sounds pretty great, right? Let’s create your Vibrant Health Playbook together!

A doable, realistic plan that would always guide you back to the healthy, confident, ENERGETIC version of you in your mind’s eye – no matter what life throws at you.

This playbook would give you...


Oh, it's all you baby... Exploring what kinds of food, exercise, sleep, etc. YOUR body needs (it’s different for everyone!) and sorting out how to mold it into a system you can use over and over again… no matter what life throws your way (or how busy you are).

A guided 10-week program to uncover your personalized Vibrant Health Playbook.

Wherever you want! You'll need a computer (to access your handouts, program videos, session recordings, and other fun stuff).

Contact me below to let me know you're interested in learning more! We'll sort out if this is a good fit for you.


You’re a busy and successful woman, up to big (or soon-to-be-big) things in the world.
People rely on you for your brains and talent, and you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and excited about what you’ve yet to do.

There’s just one problem that keeps nagging at you…

You feel flabby, frazzled, and downright frumpy.

And you know it’s affecting your ability to have, be, and do ALL that you are meant for in life. You keep promising yourself you’ll start eating healthier, exercising more, getting more sleep, and kicking the habits that have gotten you out of shape and out of sorts.

Yet you’re still no closer to where you want to be.
And who could blame you?

You have a busy schedule. It’s not like you have time to research the best eating or exercise plans – let alone implement them. You can’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy meals, and something always comes up to prevent you from getting to that exercise class you keep meaning to take.

Then there’s the “eating out” thing. You need to go to dinner with clients – or you want to go to dinner with friends. And everyone knows it’s hard to stay healthy and slim on restaurant food! (Unless you want to forgo all the fun and chew on your tasteless salad while your dinner companions clean out the breadbasket.)

And then there’s the fact that, if you’re really honest with yourself, you don’t feel all that motivated. Somewhere along the line, you lost touch with that vibrant woman inside – the one who could conquer the world. In fact, when you look in the mirror, it’s almost hard to believe the reflection staring back at you (whose arms are those, anyway?) is… well, YOU.

So... maybe it's time for a new story, no?

Hi there.

I'm Lara Dalch, health and wellness coach for smart women like you.

And if you're nodding your head to any or all of the above, I can tell you that you're NOT alone. I can also tell you...
You have it within you to become the most vibrant, healthy and beautiful version of yourself - inside and out.
The catch? It won't happen by accident.
And that's where I come in.

Imagine having a personal health "playbook" - something you could grab from the shelf anytime you felt confused about what it takes to be the energetic, sparkling YOU that you see in your mind's eye.

You know the "you" I mean...

The one who's rocking your presentations at work...

Playing on the beach with your family, feeling confident in your new bathing suit...

Enjoying girls' nights out with your BFFs - looking strong and beautiful in your little black dress...

Sleeping like a baby at night (no 3am heart palpitations)

And waking up every day with plenty of energy and excitement for life

Yeah... THAT you.

What if you had a "playbook" as unique as you to guide you to becoming that "you" faster and easier than you ever thought possible? (And find her if you ever temporarily "lose" her again.)

I'll help you create your very own health "playbook."

... what it's like to be too busy and distracted to take care of your health - and I know how it feels to transform that (and what it opens up in life!). In college, I basically subsisted on Pop Tarts, Lipton noodles (you know, the ones with 10 million unpronounceable ingredients?), unidentified cafeteria fare, and, well, beer (natch).

After struggling with severe acne, falling grades, and multiple depressive episodes, I stumbled upon whole food, organics, simple home and body care practices , and more, quite by accident.

When I started making small changes in my pantry, on my plate, and in my habits, I noticed a BIG difference in the quality of my life. While I hadn’t set out to change anything dramatic in my life, dramatic changes occurred.


I began to feel more vibrant. More alive. More in tune with my body and the world around me.

And then I started to notice that my life was changing.

My career took off. I got into Pilates and got back into running. My social life improved, my skin began to clear up, and (while I still have normal human emotions!) my depressive episodes became a thing of the past.

Because I saw the impact of these changes on my life, I decided to go back to school to learn to help others experience these same transformations.

Since then, I've been helping women like you get their health, vitality and confidence back for years, and I know how to guide you to get big results with a lot less effort than you might think.

And I felt called to create something special that would have you looking in the mirror a couple short months from now and seeing a healthy, strong, energetic woman looking back at you.

Health Playbook

Your personalized guide to the most vibrant, healthy, confident, and beautiful version of you.

This is no ordinary health program. (Because YOU are no ordinary woman.)

I’ll tell you why. Because you’re uniquely YOU.

Let’s face it: you’ve already tried cookie-cutter diet programs. You’ve sweated your way through kickboxing, spinning, aerobics (how very 80’s of you!), and weekend bootcamps. You may have even taken a crack at Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. But you come away feeling uninspired, like a number on the instructor’s attendance list.

You wonder why none of it works for you in the long run, even though you may have dropped weight and felt amazing (for a while).

you need effective tools that can be adjusted as your body changes… so you’ll know exactly how to stay fit, healthy, and beautiful for the rest of your life.

You were NOT made by a cookie cutter… and neither was your body. That’s why “one size fits all” just ain’t gonna cut it.

You need someone who listens to YOU. Who understands the unique challenges YOU face. Who can see what’s really going on in YOUR life and provide custom-tailored solutions that work for your unique situation and body.

(Something no fad diet or exercise craze will EVER do for you.)

"Deciding to work with Lara was one of the best decisions I made this year. If you decide to use her services and make an honest effort to follow her recommendations, I'm sure it will be one of the best choices you make this year.


"With Lara, I felt that I had a choice in what I ate and how I ate it rather than being on a strict diet.


In six months, I lost approximately 12 lbs and several inches around my waist. More importantly, I am making far more healthy food choices, and my self-confidence has never been better.

But working with Lara is not just about losing weight. Her comprehensive and personalized approach also addresses improving fitness levels, diversifying one’s diet and managing stress. In my case, my consumption of water, green veggies and whole grains (including quinoa, which Lara encouraged me to try and is now a staple in my diet) has dramatically increased. Lara also recommended I add strength training and stretching to my cardio-heavy fitness routine. In addition to visibly improving my ability on the tennis court and on the ice (I am a competitive figure skater and avid tennis player), I now can touch my palms to the floor and have lovely biceps!

I’m happy to report I am well on my way to meeting ambitious 3 and 6 month goals. Deciding to work with Lara was one of the best decisions I made this year. If you decide to use her services and make an honest effort to follow her recommendations, I’m sure it will be one of the best choices you make this year."

Lara is unlike most nutritionists. She allows you to use foods that work with your lifestyle to address your concerns. With Lara, I felt that I had a choice in what I ate and how I ate it rather than being on a strict diet. She was there with constant support along the way, whether offering recipe recommendations or checking to make sure I was staying on track.

Working with Lara changed the way I look at food - I not only feel better and healthier, but I also enjoy going to the grocery store and putting meals together using ingredients I previously overlooked. I completed the program having fixed all of my original concerns, and I enjoyed every session along the way. 

I now make a conscious choice about what I put in my body rather than just eating whatever is easy. I have Lara to thank for that."

Your Vibrant Health Playbook is about much more than just how you look and feel, though.

It’s about how your WHOLE life changes when you begin to care for the vehicle (i.e., your body and health!) that supports that life.

When you fuel and move your body the way it craves, you feel an expanded sense of clarity, confidence, and creativity – and THAT opens up a world of possibilities for what you can accomplish in life.

What Vibrant Health Playbook looks like

Let's break it down, week by week. Because you want A PLAN!

Here's what you'll learn.




We’ll start with a comprehensive health discovery inventory to help you get clear about where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. You’ll uncover the true motivation behind your deep desire for vibrant health and make a few promises to yourself that will bolster your chances of success. (Because looking under the hood is a smart way to begin any road trip.)



(and get out of your own way)

Create your own personal roadmap for your VHP journey. You’ll feel inspired and playful, instead of overwhelmed and like hiding in your bed. How? Because I’ll teach you the critical shift you must make to set goals you’ll stick to. (This one thing changes EVERYTHING, and not just with food!)

AND you’ll learn your unique ways of sabotaging your best efforts to eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, and kick the habits that have gotten you out of shape and out of sorts… and how to move them out of the way. (You’ll also master the time management secret that will allow you to be healthy AND have a life. Bonus!)




Learn a powerful new way to view food that will unlock the secret to YOUR ideal diet. The way of eating that is uniquely yours. Because that diet book that worked wonders for your friend but caused you to gain 5 pounds? Yeah, toss that in the garbage. You’re not broken; IT is.

We’ll also decode widely accepted nutritional guidelines and learn why they may be keeping you from the vibrant health you crave (and exactly what to do instead).




Your kitchen is at the heart of it all. Master simple ways to keep healthy and delicious food on hand every day, including the secret to being a discerning food shopper (and the ONE skill that will make choosing the right foods for your body 100 times easier).

You’ll also learn insider tips that food marketers don’t want you to know (hint: you’ll know exactly how to avoid the ingredients that give you belly bloat and brain fog, and stock up on the ones that make you feel trim and energetic).




We’ll break down how to shop for, prep, and cook healthy meals in less than 3 hours a week, so your kitchen is always stocked with simple, tasty, home-prepped meal options. No more staring at an empty fridge – or ordering greasy take-out (again) – at the end of a long day!

And no more overwhelming meal plans and complicated recipes that you don’t have time to make (I’m lookin’ at you, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron!). I’ll teach you how to create delicious, easy meals in a pinch – with my comprehensive but FLEXIBLE meal planning system (including simple, seasonal, whole foods recipes that will make you look good and feel great).




Learn my easy system for identifying the exact kind of exercise that will keep YOU feeling strong, fit, and trim (it’s different for everyone!) – and that you’ll actually stick with (even if you work long hours). We’ll also demystify the TWO BIGGEST missing pieces to your weight loss puzzle. If you don’t get these two things handled, managing your weight will always be an uphill battle.




Get the skinny on what to eat and what to avoid when you’re out and about – so you never again feel like you can’t be healthy because you eat out so much for work (plus, you WON’T feel deprived either!).

Learn my foolproof method for staying in control of what you eat when you travel (airport meals of candy bars + potato chips + random cheese snacks will never again sap your energy!). And what to do early in the day to avoid uncontrollable carb cravings later, just as a waiter sets a loaded-up basket of warm, artisanal bread (and butter!) in front of you at dinner.

A must for frequent travelers, social butterflies, and people who just like to be served a nice meal without having to wash dishes afterward!




Learn to tie everything together with a little extra self care, including simple techniques for keeping YOU at the top of your priority list without a shred of guilt.

We’ll cover my unconventional philosophy on cultivating everyday mindfulness – so you can enjoy every moment of your life, instead of always worrying about what’s next. Plus, you’ll create tiny shifts you can easily incorporate into your already busy schedule that will bring less stress, more energy, and more joy to every moment.




You’ve dug deep. You’ve experimented to find YOUR unique answer to the question “What makes ME feel healthy, confident, and beautiful every day?”. Now it’s time to capture all of that goodness in a place you can refer to when you need a refresher or some new ideas for what to try when you’re feeling stuck. At the end of VHP, you’ll get your very own – you guessed it – Vibrant Health Playbook. How cool is that?!

We’ll also identify your super-awesome support team back home and help you find the words to enlist them as your biggest health cheerleaders (even if they’re not into being healthy themselves).

And Here's What's Inside

You want to know how this actually works, right?

Details, comin' up!


Here's exactly what you'll get in your Vibrant Health Playbook journey:



Elegantly designed to move you into action in 15 minutes or less.



You'll get personalized resources along the way – everything you need to support your Vibrant Health Playbook journey. Work through everything at your own pace. It's all there as a resource – now or later. (You have access to it forever.)



From me to you, every week. I've got your back, lady! We’ll stay motivated together. :)



View videos. Download worksheets. All on your own schedule. You'll have access to it all for a full six months, so you can come back for a refresher or a burst of inspiration any time you want.



At the end of our time together, you'll know everything you need to create your personal Vibrant Health Playbook. Keep it handy for those times when you need to find your way back to the healthy, confident, beautiful you.


Vibrant Health Playbook

2 monthly payments of $325

Save $51! Pay all at once for $599

I'm ready!

I'm ready!

My 100%
Make-You-Happy Guarantee:

If after going through this program for 14 days, you don't believe it's had a positive impact on your life, let me know and I’ll issue a full refund – no hassles and no questions asked.

I stand behind everything I do and am 100% committed to your success and, ultimately, better health. I don’t want you to stress about whether this will work for you. And I know that if you put in the effort, you will see results.

The truth is, when you 'go VHP,' life POPS.

Imagine waking up every day feeling on fire for your life. Imagine actually wanting to lace up your running shoes. Or grab your yoga mat and head to class. Or dive into the lap pool. What if it actually felt luxurious and artful to whip up a plate of food bursting with the kind of fresh flavors and nutritious ingredients that’ll have your skin glowing, your hair shining, and your eyes sparkling?

When you have your very own Vibrant Health Playbook, this is exactly what’s possible.

Life feels more alive.

The vital energy that’s been hidden just below the extra layer of padding on your body – and the layer of old beliefs weighing on your mind – comes out to play.

And that energy sparks a flame that lights up everything you do. You’re more engaged at work and with your family and friends. You’re more magnetic and attractive to business partners and opportunities. You’re showing up, excited to be out in the world and playing a bigger game.

Your eyes sparkle. Your skin is clearer. Your smile shines brighter.

“Is it too good to be true?”

I know I’m making some bold promises here, and although I’m 100% positive I can back them up (because I’ve seen the positive changes in myself and SO many of my clients and students!) I can assume you might have a few questions.

So guess what? I’ve got answers. ;)


How much of an effect can something like this REALLY have on my life? 

I know a lot of people will tell you that change takes a LONG time. But the truth? Change happens in an instant. It all starts with a decision to commit.

I’ll be “in your back pocket” acting as your health concierge for over 60 full days. If you think you need a drill sergeant standing over your shoulder forcing you to take action each day – well, you may stay stuck for a long time. Once you’ve committed to making a few key changes, you will be astounded at how easy it is to stay on track and stay focused on nurturing your newfound energy and vitality.

How much time is it going to take? And how intense will it be?

I’m all about efficiency. I rarely make meals that take more than 30 minutes. I only block out 10-30 minutes a day to exercise (and usually not every day – it’s a myth that long hours at the gym are what produce results!).

I’m BUSY, and so are you. The solutions I offer are specifically designed to fit into your lifestyle, which I assume is filled with work, family, and social commitments.

Oh yeah, I also do NOT believe in extreme diets/cleanses/juice fasts/colon cleansing. Rest assured that I will never ask you to do anything totally crazy or extreme. Again, my goal is to fit solutions right into the flow of your life, not turn your life upside down.

How much support will I receive? Just how 'on call' are you? 

My clients get top priority in my inbox – I only work with 10 Vibrant Health Playbook clients at a time to make that possible. If you send me an email, you'll hear back from me within 24 hours.

Put it this way: If I was out at brunch with a girlfriend, and you emailed me a picture of a bunch of veggies you wanted to make into something for dinner, I would be freakishly excited. (I’m weird like that. Actually, let’s call it enthusiastic. ;)

As I said, you don’t need a drill sergeant to push and prod you – but you MAY need to know that someone cares about your progress, and is committed to helping you troubleshoot your way through any obstacle you may encounter. And that’s who you’ll have access to (me!) for your entire VHP experience.

What if I also have goals that are related to life and career? 

I believe it's all relevant to how you take care of your body and how you step into your most vibrant life. In fact, most of my clients have goals that aren't just about food and exercise. We'll dig into them all... together. :)

What if I haven't exercised in a long time? Is this going to work? 

Any movement or exercise I recommend will come from an exploration of what lights YOU up and gets you excited about getting moving – no matter how long it’s been. I won’t be “assigning” you any type of workout regimen that you dread doing, and that leaves you feeling drained. You’ll get the best results if you move the way YOUR body wants to move.

Do I have to know how to cook? Is your meal plan complicated? I don't have a lot of time. 

I love to cook, but I don’t expect you to love it. :) I’ll ask you to experiment with preparing different foods, but my “rules” for selecting recipes tell the story: They take 30 minutes or less to prepare. They have no more than about 5 ingredients. The ingredients are easy to find and may even be in your pantry already.

And my meal planning system is all about efficiency. You will NOT have to prepare a new dish at every meal, or even every day. Instead, you’ll learn to plan ahead just a little bit so that you always have something healthy on hand and can even whip up a fantastic meal in 5 minutes if needed!

Bonus: many of my clients have found that they actually begin to LIKE (or even love!) cooking once they’ve learned how to do it efficiently and to prepare dishes that are not only lovely to look at but absolutely scrumptious to eat.

What if I change my mind after I sign up? Can I get a refund? 

This is not the program for you if you’re NOT truly ready to look, feel, and be more vibrant and energetic than ever.

I pour my heart and soul into your VHP experience. I clear my calendar and make space in my mind and heart to support you. And the moment you reserve your spot, I begin holding space for you to step into the best version of yourself.

I’m 100% committed to you getting the results you want, and you have to be 100% committed, too. So make a decision that you’re going to show up for yourself during this experience, and then register. 

Having said that, if after going through the program for 14 days, you don't believe it's had a positive impact on your life, let me know and I’ll issue a full refund – no hassles and no questions asked. But I know that if you put in the effort, you will feel more vibrant, alive, and confident – sooner than you might think.

How is it different from just reading a good book on nutrition and exercise? Can't I just do it myself? 

The short answer is: of course you can do it yourself – just like you can do anything yourself.

The question is, why haven’t you yet? How is it working out for you to tell yourself that you can do everything alone?

One of the secrets of the most fit, healthy, and just generally successful people is that they seek out and find the right support to achieve whatever they want in life. The idea of the “lone wolf” is a fallacy. When you get expertise and support to guide you in the right direction, you leapfrog past the ordinary hurdles and find yourself making progress faster than ever.

So, the choice is yours: go it alone (which probably means, “put it off indefinitely”) and see whether you start to magically transform without making any changes… or let an experienced guide help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be in record time, and see how quickly you get results!

"Within less than 3 months of working with Lara, I'd released 15 pounds. Even better, I got my MOJO back. I started feeling hot and sexy again for the first time in about 4 years. It's like I got my life back."


"Lara helps you develop a relationship with food that isn't about deprivation or antagonism...[and] define the role of food as something to fuel and nourish you in every sense, with the ultimate goal of bringing out the very best in you."


When I first started working with Lara, I had largely let my health and appearance go, mostly ‘accidentally,’ due to the fact I’d become a work-at-home entrepreneur for the first time in my life (starting at age 41).

It was a combination of this newly sedentary lifestyle, a changing hormonal cocktail because of my age, and the sometimes up-and-down life of an entrepreneur that led to an overall decrease in my health, vitality, and confidence in my appearance.

I had tried ‘dieting’ and ‘clean eating’ – I’d worked on rewiring my brain so I would actually WANT to get healthy again – I’d tried the ‘bootcamp’ approach with a local fitness guru – but nothing stuck. I would have a week or two of feeling like things were going better, but I would then quickly switch back to my old patterns of remaining inactive for long periods of time, eating erratically, and defaulting to unhealthy choices when I DID eat.

I signed on to work with Lara because she had such incredible confidence in her ability to help me that I figured she must know something I did not (although I knew a LOT about health, fitness, food, psychology, etc. before working with her).

I discovered that it wasn’t necessarily what Lara knew (though she knows a lot!), but how she approached the process that made all the difference for me. She was incredibly supportive throughout, even when I didn’t want to cooperate with her assignments.

She has a way of understanding what’s most important, though, because it always felt like she would press for certain things while letting others go. It was the EXACT approach I needed to feel that I was creating my own success, while being profoundly supported by someone who wanted only the best for me.

Lara has a great way of getting you to easily agree to a few SMALL changes that make a big difference. I never in a million years believed that the tiny changes she suggested would actually make a difference – but they DID.

Within less than 3 months of working with Lara, I’d released 15 pounds. Even better, I got my MOJO back. I started feeling hot and sexy again for the first time in about 4 years. People started complimenting me. I started feeling ALIVE again. Even my 14 year-old son noticed the change in me!

It’s like I got my life back. And my enthusiasm for my business has grown too – which I knew would happen when I regained my health and confidence. Best of all, I feel confident that I’ll be able to take my healthy habits into the coming decades so I don’t have to face a crisis of health & vitality (or appearance) ever again.

If you have a chance to work with Lara, don’t think about it, DO IT. She’s a gem in my book and I’m incredibly thankful I found her.

The best thing you can do for your health and diet right now is work with Lara Dalch. I have been a fitness enthusiast my whole life and fitness professional for over a decade. Even though I had a generally good idea of how to make smart, informed choices about food and diet, Lara offered several suggestions and recommendations that really made an impact on my life.

The main difference between working with Lara and embarking on a healthy crusade alone is her support, her compassionate ear, and her ability to empower you to feel like you can create healthy, tasty, quick, and affordable meals that will satisfy. She doesn’t overwhelm you with a regime that you can’t possibly adhere to. She doesn’t make you feel guilty for enjoying one of the greatest pleasures in life (food). She doesn’t alienate you with formulas and hocus-pocus tricks to stay thin. Lara helps you develop a relationship with food that isn’t about deprivation or antagonism, rather how to mentally and practically make choices that are manageable and define the role of food as something to fuel and nourish you in every sense with the ultimate goal of bringing out the very best in you.

Having successfully completed Lara’s program, I can say that today I feel much more relaxed and reasonable about my food choices. I have found a way of incorporating greens into my diet that has truly impacted my energy and sense of well-being. I was able to tackle my impulsive sugar and caffeine cravings, and now have a much more healthy awareness and balance. I now even cook a few times a week – and for my lifestyle this is a tremendous feat.

I thoroughly recommend Lara. Her program is relevant, accessible, and essential for long-term healthy living.

"I saw numerous gastroenterologists and nutritionists before starting this program and none of them were able to help me the way Lara did."


"Lara helped me filter the bad information on the Internet, talk through problems and find my personal triggers."


After working with Lara, I have a different approach to eating and no longer panic about food. My overall outlook and approach to health has changed. I now truly understand what I’m putting into my body and how it benefits or harms me – that knowledge has helped me make healthier decisions. I no longer feel like I struggle to stay away from certain foods, and I don’t feel guilty when I do indulge a little.

I’ve surprised myself with my change in diet and am even more surprised by how it didn’t feel like a sacrifice.

In addition, I lost 9 pounds and my IBS symptoms, which were my biggest concern, have all decreased tremendously!! I saw numerous gastroenterologists and nutritionists before starting this program and none of them were able to help the way Lara did.

Lara makes you feel comfortable talking to her right away – she exudes good, happy energy that’s contagious. Her ongoing support and constant encouragement kept me excited and dedicated to the program. I truly felt that she was a partner. No matter what I told her – often thoughts that I feared were ridiculous – Lara always made me feel that she “got it” and always had a recommendation that guided me to improving my health and overall wellness.

I never felt like I was being told what to do; instead, I felt guided and that the program was made especially for me, not generic.

Working with Lara helped me become more aware of the types of food I’m eating and the results of eating “bad” food. I’m more committed to my goals, more aware of the tools out there to help, a better grocery shopper and meal picker-outer!

Lara’s program isn’t just a business transaction. She’s always available for questions along the way. I really appreciated the accountability, the conversation, and the ability to get personal. In addition to achieving my goals around food, I accomplished a fitness goal – I ran my first 12k!

I definitely recommend this program. Lara helped me filter the bad information on the Internet, talk through problems, and find my personal triggers.

"[Working with Lara] is like talking to a close friend who really gets you and can help clear out the cobwebs so you can get where you want to be. I feel empowered to live my life in a more confident way.”


This is the best money I've ever spent, and I've gotten more positive results out of this than I could have ever expected. I had never done a program like this before, so I was nervous about the unknown. I quickly learned it's not scary or difficult. It's like talking to a close friend who really gets you and can help clear out the cobwebs so you can get where you want to be.

Lara has a knack for hearing what I'm saying and getting me to dig deeper to truly understand the why of it all. She made me think more about my feelings and habits than I've ever done before and has helped me own and accept who I am without apology.

I feel refreshed. I sleep better. I have better-eating habits. I'm moving better. I'm calmer. I've lost 5 pounds and have added more fresh foods and whole grains to my diet, as well as resuming a yoga practice. I feel empowered to live my life in a more confident way. I feel more optimistic and I'm definitely more balanced.

I would recommend the Vibrant Health Playbook to busy women, who second guess themselves and feel overwhelmed or need help moving forward to achieve their goals.

So, are you ready to transform your health – and your life?

Vibrant Health Playbook is your ticket to the vibrant, inspired, and powerful life you’re looking for.

When you look at yourself and your life three months, six months, or a year from now, what do you want to see? Who do you want to see smiling back at you in the mirror? And what do you want to have accomplished? More importantly, how much longer are you willing to go on with things just as they are?

If you’re feeling ready for a change, then that’s your inner wisdom speaking up on your behalf.

The inner wisdom that knows you DESERVE to feel vibrant, inspired, powerful, and ALIVE again. That you DESERVE to step into your big dreams and desires, with a healthy, strong body to fuel and support them.

Vibrant Health Playbook will allow you to LIVE LIFE IN COLOR.

No more diet books. No more failed New Year’s resolutions. No more “falling off the wagon." No more hiding behind those extra layers (physical or otherwise) when what you REALLY want to do is take off in life.

To feel present, joyful, excited, turned on, and confident. Every day.

Don’t wait another moment to meet the sparkly, amazing “you” inside. Just make a choice to take action, and let’s call out that beautiful babe.

I can’t wait to meet her. :)



Vibrant Health Playbook

2 monthly payments of $325

Save $51! Pay all at once for $599

I'm ready!

I'm ready!





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