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I'm an executive and lifestyle coach. I work with “women on the rise” who want more from their work, life, and body.

I also design and deliver learning experiences for organizations such as Microsoft, AWS, Kaiser Permanente, Casper, and University of Washington.

I’m best known for helping women executives and business owners recapture their vibrant health, energy, and personal power – after 5, 10, 15 years of putting everything (and everyone) on their list but themselves. If that sounds familiar, you may also feel tired, lazy, frazzled, lacking in confidence… and you’re OVER it.

You might be facing a big life transition that’s motivating you to make a change. Women often come to me when they’re building a business, changing careers, celebrating a big birthday, having kids, getting a divorce, or becoming an ‘empty nester.’


I'm Lara

Since 2011, I’ve helped women like you find the courage, energy, and confidence to tackle big personal goals. To ask for the promotion (and get it), quit energy-draining work and personal commitments (without guilt), build successful businesses, travel solo to Tibet, lose weight with flexibility and fun (instead of restriction and deprivation), start dating again, run their first 5K (or marathon), nail the presentation at the corporate retreat, and hundreds of other life-changing accomplishments.

Together, we bring the focus back to mind and body and form new habits that allow you to reclaim your health, happiness, and power (with a lot less time and effort than you might think) – so you can make lasting changes and achieve your big dreams, in business and in life.

Hear stories from women like you who made a change and are getting more out of work, life, and body – on the Women on the Rise podcast

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“Within less than 3 months of working with Lara, I’d released 15 pounds. Even better, I got my MOJO back. I started feeling hot and sexy again for the first time in about 4 years. I got my life back.”

Helen Hunter Mackenzie | CEO Hunter Mackenzie Group

“What was absolutely amazing (about working with Lara) was how confident it left me and how it renewed my sense of commitment to my own health.”

Kathy Jakielski | Writer & Massage Therapist

“I feel more confident now at work, home, and in my everyday encounters.”

Mary Slagle --Account Executive

“I gained so much from working with Lara: weight loss, clarity, focus, discipline, renewed energy, and the happiness and confidence that comes with that.”

Amy K. --Development Executive