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Women on the Rise is a podcast about the connection between health, self-care, and success – in business and life.

Through conversations with thriving women, we uncover the practical tools you need to recapture your momentum – mind, body, and soul – so you can step into your big dreams for your career and life.

Hosted and produced by health and lifestyle coach Lara Dalch.

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Jessica Williams: Self-Care for Superwomen

Jessica Williams is on a mission to put more women in positions of power – and she understands that it’s an inside job. Listen in for her “superwoman wisdom.”

Melissa Dinwiddie: Intentional Imperfectionism

What if being less than perfect was the key to happiness AND productivity? Melissa Dinwiddie thinks it just might be. Listen in to our chat to find out why.

Lisa Wood: Less Hustle, More Happy

Lisa Wood is like a Zen master for women business owners – teaching them how to let go of hustle AND be successful at the same time. What could be better?!

Stefanie Ellis: Cookies, Croissants, and Speaking Your Truth

Stefanie Ellis loves dessert. She also loves being well and happy. Learn how she balances her two loves, and how speaking your truth might change your life.

Kathy Jakielski: Tuning into Your Body to Find Your Way

Kathy Jakielski’s journey from rocket scientist to massage therapist is a remarkable one – made transformative by how it taught her to trust her body.

Jill Angelo: Health & Success on Your Own Terms

Jill Angelo – co-founder and CEO of genneve – shares how women in midlife can take control of their health and career in this powerful phase of life.

Minh-Hai Alex: Putting You on Your List

As a registered dietitian, Minh-Hai Alex understands the importance of nutrition to overall health. But she’s learned that well-being is about a lot more than what we eat.

Amy Nelson: What’s Wellness Right Now?

Juggling work, family, and self is a common (and daily) challenge for a lot of women. Amy Nelson shares an easier way to “have it all.”

"Love that it's not a typical wellness discussion!"

I found it really refreshing that Lara doesn't promote one perfect formula or approach to self-care. The conversations on the show are natural and personal, and I love hearing ambitious, smart, busy women talk honestly about wellness and success.

**Julie - iTunes Review**

Each week, discover a new practical strategy that you can immediately apply to your life to recapture your momentum – mind, body, and soul.

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