Lose weight for spring…without diets

Weight Loss for SpringSpring is here (almost)…everyone’s kicked into “how do I lose weight for the beach?!” mode. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight for the spring and summer, try these not-so-obvious weight loss tips…that don‘t involve dieting. (“Diet” is a four letter word. Just sayin’.)

  • Rest and relax. First, sleep. When we’re low on sleep, we consume more calories AND are less able to burn them off due to hormone imbalances caused by sleep deprivation. Second, give yourself a break! Trying to lose weight can be all-consuming, creating more stress, which disrupts sleep, which amps up your cravings for sugar, which causes you to eat more, which…well, you get the idea. Many of my clients lose weight as soon as they stop focusing on losing weight. (Weight loss is sneaky like that.)
  • Take a look around. “If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you.” Study after study shows that the habits of the people around us – friends more than family – rub off on us. I’m not saying you should ditch all of your “pizza and beer diet” friends; just be aware of the influence your friends and co-workers have on your eating habits in particular and work hard to set an example by replacing the desktop candy bowl with healthy snacks or splitting lunch portions with a friend or co-worker.
  • Eat real food. Avoid products with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients – they’re highly processed, lacking the nutrients your body needs. They’re also loaded with empty calories. Here’s a good question to ask yourself when choosing food: If I left this on the counter for a day or two, would it rot? If the answer is no, I’m thinkin’ you might want to pass. ;)
  • Chew your food. I know, I know. You eat fast…it’s just the way you are. Fair enough; but consider this: It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full. By slowing your eating, you’ll feel full and satisfied on less food. If slowing down doesn’t work for you, try the “10 Minute Rule” – after you eat, wait at least 10 minutes before you go back for more. You may find that you don’t want anything else.
  • Eat a plant-based diet. You can still eat meat! Just choose plant food more often than not. Plant foods – like beans, whole grains, fruits, veggies – are typically lower in fat and calories and higher in filling fiber than meat and dairy. They’re also jammed with essential nutrients. Essential nutrients = happy body = weight loss when you least expect it.
  • Move your body. Sadly, you can’t sit on the couch all day if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight; but any kind of increased movement helps. If you really hate exercise, give this a try.
  • Get support. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association stresses the importance of ongoing support for sustainable weight loss. It showed that monthly personal contact from a coach is a better indicator of sustained weight loss than self-directed weight loss programs.
  • Have fun! Schedule time for friends, family, physical activity, and other stuff you enjoy. When you’re happy and satisfied in other parts of your life, you’re less likely to depend on food to fill the gaps.

Have you lost weight and kept it off? Share your tips in the comments.


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