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Learning When to Surrender with Karen Okonkwo


“You have to grind and hustle, but a part of that grind and hustle has to be a healthy mind and a healthy body. You’re not being an inspiration to people if your mind isn’t right and your body isn’t right.”

Nigerian-American entrepreneur and founder of TONL Karen Okonkwo shares her thoughts on the ‘grind and hustle’ of entrepreneurship, reimagining success, prioritizing mind/body health, and knowing when to surrender.



  • How Karen’s definition of “being well” has changed over time
  • Why having abundance of both time and money is key to wellbeing – and how to make it happen as a time and money-strapped business owner
  • The experience that finally led Karen to understand and embrace the importance of mind/body health to her life and work
  • A surprising health discovery that changed the way Karen approaches self care
  • Why Karen finally surrendered and asked for help reaching her health goals (and why it was so much harder than asking for help with business goals)
  • How Karen’s stock photography company TONL is facilitating a conversation about self care in underrepresented communities – and debunking cultural stigmas that often get in the way
  • The sweet spot between structure and flexibility that allows Karen to maintain her self care habits
  • The self care habit that Karen makes sure happens every day (and what goes wrong if she doesn’t)
  • Karen’s favorite music for feeling calm and centered (you might be surprised!)

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Tidal (streaming music)

Karen’s CreativeLive classes

Karen’s Thoughts

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