Recapture your momentum - Mind, Body, and Soul

Real Women Share Real Strategies For Fueling Your Success and Pursuing What’s Most Important To You

Women on the Rise is a podcast about the connection between health, self-care, and success – in business and life.
Through conversations with thriving women, we uncover the practical tools you need to recapture your momentum – mind, body, and soul – so you can step into your big dreams for your career and life.

Hosted and produced by health and lifestyle coach Lara Dalch.

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Each week, discover a new practical strategy that you can immediately apply to your life to recapture your momentum – mind, body, and soul.

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"So timely and spot on"

I am beyond to have stumbled upon this podcast to add to my playlist of inspiring listens… Lara’s messages are uplifting and dead on. I’m loving the real conversations with incredible women that motivate me to keep on with what I set out to do.

**Cortney B.//thegreyedit – Apple Podcasts Review**

"Lara's approach to personal and professional development is so refreshing!"

Rather than touting that hustle cures all, she dives a little deeper and talks to some really interesting women about how they succeed professionally, while also maintaining a healthy sense of self. I love this podcast and can’t wait for more episodes!

**emar117 – Apple Podcasts Review**

"Love that it's not a typical wellness discussion!"

I found it really refreshing that Lara doesn’t promote one perfect formula or approach to self-care. The conversations on the show are natural and personal, and I love hearing ambitious, smart, busy women talk honestly about wellness and success.

**Julie – Apple Podcasts Review**

"For any wellness woman, this podcast is a MUST."

Lara is a thoughtful interviewer and brings eclectic and inspiring guests to talk about the nitty gritty of what it means to thrive – not just in theory, but in reality. Get on it.

**peanut gallery – Apple Podcasts Review**

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